Why Invest in Art?

Investing in artwork is a remarkably rewarding opportunity, one that benefits both the investor and the artist. In addition to being an exciting asset with which to diversify your portfolio, art investment is also a potentially lucrative endeavour and, in 2020, our Red Eight Gallery clients saw an average return of 24% on their investments.

Our gallery seeks out emerging creative talent, working with artists to establish their careers, developing upon their personal successes and improve the value of their artwork. To each of our clients, we act as art advisors, sharing profiles of the best artists to invest in, those whose work is likely to increase substantially in value, then enabling each investor to resell potential assets for profit.

”Nothing but positive feedback working 
with Red Eight. Energetic and 
full of education it makes you feel comfortable investing“

Featured Artist

Born and raised in gritty south London, Symble is a self-taught artist whose works have been extremely popular with our Red Eight clients. 

Symble’s striking style has caught the attention of one of Britain’s greatest blue-chip artists, Damien Hirst, who has supported the artist by recently adding some of Symble’s artwork to his personal art collection. 

We are about to release a limited selection of new work from Symble thanks to the incredible success of our initial partnership.

About us

Red Eight Gallery is a London-based private gallery which specialises in modern and contemporary art from both emerging and established artists.

We provide a first-class service, seeking to achieve outstanding results for every client. In addition to sourcing promising work from emerging artists, which we believe will become among the best investments, we offer assistance with acquiring pieces from more established artists alongside services for profitable disposals for our clients looking to sell acquired artwork. Ancillary services are also available alongside fully managed contemporary art investment advice, including the arrangement of storage, framing, hanging, and delivery.

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